Church Events

Attention:  If your Cowboy Church is having a special event , send us a flyer or some detailed information and we will post it !!   Send information or a flyer to Mary at !!

March thru December 2022 Carolinas Cowboy Church has a full list of activities !!

May 7 Cowboy Church Roundup Event

Sponsored by Stockyard Cowboy Church, Coolwater Cowboy Church and Narrow Trail  Cowboy Church.

Detailed Description of Events and Classes:
1. Goat Scramble (no horse needed)
5 years and under
2. Calf Scramble (no horse needed)
a. 6–12 years
b. 12–18 years
3. Dummy Roping (no horse needed)
a. 10 years and under
b. 11–18 years
4. Stick Horse Race (stick horse provided)
a. 6 years and under
b. 7–12 years
5. Barrel Racing (Must have a horse to compete)
a. 10 years and under
b. 11–18 years
6. Cow Sorting (Must have a horse to compete)
Anyone 18 years and under

May 7 Cowboy Gathering at Tri-County Cowboy Church in Rockwell, NC

June 3-5 Cowboy Bible Ministry at 4B Farm and Campground (Rain Date)

October 14-16

Cowboy Church Network Fall Roundup at 4B Farm !!  Stay tuned for details !!

November 4-6

4th Annual Mens  'Ride of a Lifetime' at 4B Farm !!